2015 Home Media Magazine Awards Ballot — Vote Early & Often

Each year we look forward to seeing the ballot for the Home Media Magazine Awards. It’s exciting to see the projects on which we’ve collaborated with our clients receive recognition from our industry peers.

Escape from Tomorrow (2013) DVD Cover
Image courtesy of www.customDVD.org

2015 is no different.

Several of our productions appear in the list of nominations:

Best Documentary : Act of Killing (Cinedigm)

Best Indie : Escape From Tomorrow ( Cinedigm) and Short Term 12 (Cinedigm)

Best Older TV Show: The Wonder Years Complete Series (Time Life/StarVista)

Best Complete TV Set : The Wonder Years Complete Series (Time Life/StarVista)

Congratulations to our clients Cinedigm and Time Life/StarVista for their respective nominations. Know that we’re

Image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly
Image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

voting (early and often) for you!

Congratulations to the other nominees as well. As Blu-ray and DVD aficionadoes ourselves, we know there are some great releases represented.

We’re cautiously optimistic concerning our chances this year. In 2014, Giant co-productions garnered several accolades, including:

Best Vintage TV Series : China Beach: The Complete Collection, TimeLife-StarVista

Best Comedy Disc : The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts Complete Collection, TimeLife-StarVista

Best Indie/Small-Budget Film on Disc : MUD, Lionsgate

Best Sports Disc : Super Bowl XLVII Champions: Baltimore Ravens, NFL Films/Cinedigm

Complete TV series on disc is one of the areas where Giant specializes, so we are particularly pleased that The Wonder Years, which had long been on fans’ MOST WANTED lists, was nominated in not one, but two categories this year.

Alright, you know what to do! Vote early and vote often!


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