The Whole Wide World

Subtitle Localization

With over 18 million subtitled minutes of content in 100+ languages, Giant Worldwide is focused on connecting video, connecting people, and connecting content to the world. Our team of expert translators – including highly skilled linguists and top-notch specialists – dive into massive volumes of work with turnaround times that beat industry expectations.

Localization QA

Happy consumers in every territory

Your streaming service and apps display text generated and translated from multiple locations and by multiple teams. When text is translated, the parts combined sometimes don’t work well on screen and for a particular market. Ensuring that your service feels curated and delivered specifically for each territory builds loyalty and helps retain your local subscribers.

Our cross-disciplined testers have backgrounds in both functional testing and localization testing ensuring that all content appears as intended for each territory. We translate and check translations from other sources, using native testers and the right devices for the market.

Speak to our localization team to find out how we can help you deliver a premium localized user experience.

Closed Captioning

Our team of experts create closed captions that meet the standards to make video content accessible in all formats.