Disc QC

A tradition of excellence

We have been the entertainment industry’s go-to testing facility for optical disc since 1998, testing an Oscar winner ever year for the leading studios and content owners. Whenever a new format or technology is introduced, we are the experts that studios approach for advice on the consumer experience and on the best testing approach. Our advice and on-going support have helped studios to reduce turnaround time by up to 50% and reduces failure rates by 20%.

Emulation/Image QC

Ensure a pass, before you Glass

We are here for you when you need to deliver on time, to budget and to ensure accuracy. Our flexible approach allows you to provide image files for testing of navigation, watch through or both. Whatever support you need we can provide disc testing expertise on-demand. Working with our teams allows you to deliver your project for glass mastering and manufacture with confidence.

Check Disc QC

Reducing risks with factory discs

For the final checks before Disc Replication we can run either full checks of all assets or run spot checks, navigation and compatibility testing. We have an extensive range of players to provide coverage of the most popular in key territories. Our experts advise on the best players to test based on market data to ensure optimum disc compatibility. Our testing approaches are designed to minimize the risk of product recall, production reruns or withdrawal from on-line marketplaces.

Specialist Testing

For the Connoisseurs

When you need to deliver high-end consumer experiences with the latest technologies, let us advise on approach and provide testing support. It is not always practical for you to invest in all of the latest consumer equipment required to allow you to test your content. We hold all the latest players, screens and audio set ups to provide expert testing of the following:

  • HD-R
  • Spatial Audio
  • Dolby Atmos and Vision
  • UHD