From Ingest to QC to Delivery we’ve got you covered.

Our seasoned teams will ensure the secure high-quality delivery of your entertainment content to more than 120 digital retail, AVOD, and OTT platforms. Giant Worldwide also provides end-to-end physical media services with authoring to DVD, BD, and UHD plus complete 3rd party disc testing. Full-service labs in New York and Los Angeles.

Digital Fulfillment

Content Prep and Quality Control​

Fulfillment Delivery

Onboarding to 120+ Platforms Worldwide​

HD, 4K, IMF, HDR, Atmos, DTS:X

Be Seen

Preferred vendor for Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Roku, Hulu, and many more

Disc Authoring

DVD, Blu-ray, UHD formats

BD-J Complete Framework

Dolby Vision and HDR10+ Certified

Menu Design and Bonus Material

Disc QC

A tradition of excellence

Emulation/Image QC

Navigation and Watch Through

Check Disc QC

Confirmation of Specs

Disc compatibility