DEG Numbers Report Good News for Home Entertainment

The Digital Entertainment Group’s very positive YOY Q2 numbers were reported in a number of publications, including Variety and Home Media Magazine. Consumers reversed the seemingly inexorable trend downward by showing a renewed interest in Blu-ray, DVD, EST and VOD, which is welcome news for everyone — studio executives, VOD platforms and digital studios (like Giant) alike. HMM Sales Overall, home entertainment sales were up a strong 4%, buoyed by a very strong showing by Blu-ray. Now this or. our favorite source for disc sales information, the Home Media Magazine Total Disc Sales Revenue Chart (available here). we see a surprising 35% of disc sales were Blu-rays for the quarter. In the last week reported, they comprised 45% of the market, as shown to the right. Some noted that the strong Blu-ray showing coincided with the release of UHD Blu-ray:

Observers say the launch in March of Ultra HD Blu-ray also may have been a factor. Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc is the next-generation disc format with four times the pixel density of HD Blu-ray as well as high dynamic range (HDR), with greater contrast and deeper, more life-like colors. The format got off to a successful start in the first quarter of this year, with the first volley of Ultra HD Blu-ray discs hitting stores in March and selling far better than expected, according to studio executives. The format’s launch was even more successful than regular Blu-ray Disc back in 2006.

Nevertheless, it’s proof positive that the physical media market is still a vibrant contributor to the home entertainment marketplace. Even with the growth of VOD, EST and SVOD options which address that immediate need to what what they want when they want it, consumers also still recognize that the best viewing experience can often still be found on disc.

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