Giant Happenings at the EMA’s Digital Media Pipeline

We’ll post more about this in a future blog, but we wanted to share a glimpse into the Entertainment Merchants Association’s Digital Media Pipeline 2013, held Tuesday, September 24 at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles.

Reported attendance topped 500 industry executives from every part of the mediascape including technology partners (like Giant), studios, digital distribution platforms, and distributors.

EMA Panel
Photo Credit: Jeff Stabenau

Our own modest contribution to the discussion came on the Digital Supply Chain Challenges and Solutions panel where Nima Ourmazdi, Giant’s Director of Platform Initiatives joined a carefully selected group of industry executives to talk about how the digital supply chain differs from the physical supply chain, how we can expect it to change in the future and more.

Pictured here from left to right:

Doug Reinart, ContentBridge (Moderator)
Erick Opeka, Senior Vice President, Digital Distribution, Cinedigm
Larry Wilk, Digital Ambassador, Digital Entertainment Group
Chris Fetner, Director of Content Partner Operations, Netflix
Nima Ourmazdi, Director, Digital Platform Initiatives, Giant Interactive


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