Giant Interactive Expands into the Public Sector

It’s said that public agencies, the government and non-profits are an entirely untapped market which many businesses overlook in their normal course of business. Having worked for a couple companies in my career which actively eschewed the public sector in business development because it was ‘too hard’, I’m pleased to note that this is an area that Giant Interactive’s management has chosen to actively explore. During our initial research, several knowledgeable experts with whom I consulted noted that there is a significant learning curve involved with winning business in the public sector. Writing proposals to exacting RFPs, garnering the right kind of references, learning the ropes of deadlines (and extending deadlines) and understanding the unique needs and priorities of public organizations — all of these areas would take patience, skill and finesse in order to be successful. The business development process and ‘sales cycle’ would be entirely different than what I’d experienced in the private sector. Indeed, this has been proved out. Nevertheless, we see significant opportunity for ourselves in this market and have already begun the process of pursuing it. Fortunately for us, the same experience, expertise and same services that Giant offers to media companies, distributors and independent producers are in-demand and valued. And they are exactly the kinds of services and areas of expertise in which our team is well-versed. The same trends in media, communication and information which have caused significant changes in the home entertainment world have had profound effects in the public sphere as well. The mobile app revolution has changed the face of the consumer information-gathering and entertainment. Government agencies, educational institutions and even groups of tech-savvy teachers are commissioning app projects to serve their constituencies and help them connect, communicate and increase productivity. The use of video to communicate with the public at large has changed the way governments disseminate information. Every day we see RFP notices from public organizations looking for video production services to inform and education the media, the public and specific users and stakeholders about government initiatives, safety programs, conservation efforts and more. And despite the general downward trend in DVD from a retail perspective, this common and easy-to-use format is still in demand in the public sector, not only for internal training and education, but also for external communication as well. These are just a few of the areas where we’re seeing opportunity from public prospects focused on local, regional, national or even international audiences. As our public sector efforts evolve, I’ll pass along the latest news (as NDAs and regulations allow, of course). We’re looking forward to expanding beyond our traditional business base and meeting a whole new class of client. And if you’re a procurement officer looking to connect with a multi-talented media company…get in touch. We’re ready. What can we do for you?

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