Giant Interactive Prepares for UHD Blu-ray, tvOS in 2016

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Taking a Giant Step Into UHD

4K Blu-ray Expected to Prompt A Physical Media ResurgenceUHD graph

Yes! Giant Interactive is pleased to announce that our authoring capability now includes the emerging Ultra HD Blu-ray format. The new format has four times as many pixels as current Blu-ray, as well as high dynamic range (HDR), and object-based immersive sound, such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. UHD Blu-ray is forecast to drive a new segment of the home video marketplace. The DEG has reported that 4K Ultra HD TV sales have exploded by 494% in just the third quarter of 2015, so there’s a burgeoning consumer market for 4K content. The potential opportunity for content owners to benefit with premium-priced product is significant. We’re ready to help you seize this opportunity, and add your UHD Blu-ray project to our calendar. Take a Giant step…into UHD.

Giant tvOSApple TV & tvOS Poised to Change the OTT Landscape

Content Owners Can Publish Apps

Apple TV has launched a new version making it easy for content owners to jump on board. Giant Interactive is one of the first tvOS developers, (See IndieKid, available the day of launch), and we couldn’t be more impressed and excited by what we’re seeing and experiencing. The new Apple TV delivers a huge potential opportunity for both content owners/distributors AND consumers. No longer restricted to Fortune 500 media companies like HBO and ESPN, now even the most specific of content owners can get in the game, developing apps and publishing content to audiences. Drawing from our iOS and OTT development experience and our expertise in video and interface development, we’ve already begun working on a couple new projects which we’ll share more about in the new year.

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