Giant Loves Indie Film

Giant began 2012 with a new presence in the world of social media. Over the past nine months, we’ve planted our flag in the Twitterverse, Facebook and Linked In and established this very blog that you’re reading right now.

Social media is the hot topic in marketing and according to the research that our marketing team has done, it’s a critical tool for businesses like Giant Interactive to connect and engage with their clients, prospects and fans.

Like many others, we’ve begun using these tools in order extend our reach and increase our communication with our clients and potential clients. I have the privilege of curating Giant Interactive’s social media activities and I must admit it’s one of my responsibilities which I really look forward to attending to every day. I’m able to share articles and information, give voice to our collective thinking and bring some attention to those events, trends and news that are important to us. My intention is to sketch out who we are at Giant Interactive, show what we stand for with every tweet, post, like and follow and provide a sense of each of our studios. That’s why you’ll see tweets and retweets about, for example, not only the Interactive Marketing Association of Colorado (IMACo) but also the latest from our friends at the Tribeca Film Festival or @S32Day, the 2nd Screen Society, headquartered in Burbank, CA.

One of the hashtags which I use periodically on @Giantinfo is #Giantlovesindiefilm. Whether its used retweeting an annoucement by @TribecaFilmFest about their annual festival or news of the release of some upcoming title (whether it went through our studio or not) via @HomeMediaMagazine or, it’s a way of supporting that critical segment of the business which ultimately feeds so many other parts of the entertainment industry, showcasing new voices, talent and perspectives and nurturing audiences.

While we do our fair share of studio work (and are always looking for more!), we have our share of independent filmmakers, distributors and producers who come to us for disc- and digital services. That’s another aspect of my job that I like — talking to men and women LOVE film, who have poured their hopes, energy and ambition into their film project or their distribution company and now are looking for ways to share it with the world. More than one have returned to us for their next project because of the personal care that we can provide, the services which makes the challenge of distributing their film easier. We’re happy to help. We’ve had a couple titles come through lately that are pretty amazing. They should hit the shelves in the next month. (You’ll have to wait until then…Sorry, mum’s the word until they hit the street — but keep an eye on @Giantinfo and you may get a hint!)

Filmmaking is both art and commerce, and we’re pleased to be able to help filmmakers of every type, style and genre bring their film to their audience.


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