Honored To Be Nominated…But We Need Your Help To Clinch It

We at Giant Interactive been fortunate, in recent weeks, to have our work recognized by a couple home entertainment industry organizations with awards and nominations. While we’re always putting our best work out there on behalf of our clients, it’s not everyday that such efforts are recognized and held up for acclaim before our peers and the industry at large.

We’re certainly proud of the Giant team for their efforts, talent, dedication and skill and are particularly pleased to note these accomplishments here. Though it may seem a cliche, the mere fact that we’ve been nominated is something to celebrate.

Most recently, our efforts on two recent Blu-ray titles in particular have been recognized. Both Hawaii Five-O and Farscape: The Complete Series have been nominated for Home Media Magazine Awards in two categories each:

Hawaii Five-O: Best Current TV Series, Best Extras/Bonus Material

We’re particularly excited that the bonus material on Hawaii Five-O has garnered such attention. Under the skillful direction of our own David Naylor, who heads up Giant Interactive’s Creative Content Group, and backed by the able crew in our Denver design studio and editors, this collection of extra content really helps expand the fan experience and will likely serve up some surprise to regular viewers.

Farscape: The Complete Series: Best Sci-Fi, Best Restoration

There’s a bit of a tale behind the production of this landmark box set, which Dan Kenny of New Video shares in this interview. Certainly fans have been waiting for an HD release of this sci-fi favorite, and from the reaction we’ve seen, they weren’t disappointed.

Would it be too self-serving to ask if you clicked over here and cast your vote? Balloting is only open until April 15. Thanks. ‘Preciate it.


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