It LIVES! 7 Reasons Physical Media Beats VOD

While the transformation of the home entertainment industry from packaged media (Blu-ray & DVD) to a more complex mix of SVOD, DTO and disc, research shows that consumers are still acquiring physical media. As reported by Home Media Magazine,

“Despite the growth in connected hardware and increase in electronic sellthrough, transactional VOD and streaming options, more than 50% of survey respondents still buy DVD or Blu-ray Disc. Moreover, the proportion of consumers buying DVDs or Blu-rays has increased in the United States and the United Kingdom, up from the previous survey.”

In a world of instant, why would somebody invest in a “turn of the century” medium? We’re glad you asked…


SEVEN Reasons for Consumers (And Distributors) To Love Physical Media 

The data side of an optical disc has a disctinctive "rainbow" coloration.
The data side of an optical disc has a disctinctive “rainbow” coloration.

1. Discs Look and Sound Good: With the up-conversion algorithms in recent Blu-ray players, a standard definition DVD looks pretty good and, of course, a Blu-ray Disc looks even better. And the sound? DVDs can pack 5.1 Sourround while Blu-ray’s can go 7.1 Surround. If you want a knock-out home theater experience — discs are the BEST way to view your favorite movies and TV shows.

2. Blu-ray and DVD Player Penetration Is Greater Than VOD: While broadband penetration is still on the upswing, with 79% of households having high-speed access, DVD players are found in 91% of American households, and Blu-ray players about half that. Lots of customers.

3. Always On: Even as the market share of digital continues to increase, nothing beats having a disc in your hand. External bandwidth restrictions and competition within the home for bandwidth can make streaming problematic from a practical standpoint. If the power’s on, you’re good to go.

4. Certainty of Quality: The streaming experience is improving, but nothing is more frustrating than settling in to watch a streamed show, only to see the ‘loading’ message bar pop up…again…and again. Digital services will adjust their data throughput to accommodate lower bandwidths, but then quality suffers. And that negatively impacts the experience.

5. Ease of Use: DVD has been around long enough that everybody knows how they work. Streaming still requires a bit of technological savvy and knowledge that isn’t quite as ubiquitous. No disrespect, but my Mom knows how to make the DVD player work with her TV. She doesn’t know about streaming and VOD.

6. Bonus, baby!: Lots of DVD’s and Blu-ray Discs have bonus (and some pretty darn good bonus, if we do say so ourselves). Streaming and VOD can, but usually don’t.

7. Collectors: Have you ever heard anybody boast about the Collector’s Edition files they have of Lord of the Rings or Terminator or Batman? No. But they’ll definitely take down their Collectors Edition Boxed set of those titles and many others from their revered place on the living room shelf and be pleased to pass that bad boy around. Nuff said.

We’re confident that even as streaming and DTO continues to grow, physical media will has a solid and lengthy future as a viable distribution method.

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