Press Release: Giant Interactive Streamlines iTunes Extras® Process with Proprietary Tools

Giant HeaderNew York, Sep 9, 2016: Demonstrating the synergies of its recent acquisition of interactive innovator Jargon Technologies, Giant Interactive recently announced the debut of a suite of iTunes Extras® production tools which streamline the development process of the digital bonus package offered within the iTunes Store®, as well as reduce errors and facilitate expedited client review and approval. The suite includes a metadata creation tool, a verification tool and an emulator all of which have already been incorporated into Giant’s iTunes Extras® production workflow, contributing to a recent wave of iTunes Extras® projects for clients such as Broad Green Pictures, Image Entertainment, and Music Box Films.

“These tools have increased the efficiency of the process tremendously and minimize the possibility of errors“, said Bhanu Srikanth, CTO of Giant Interactive. “They also solve several workflow and qualitative issues we have experienced that hindered efficient development. The verifier and emulator enable our team to conduct a thorough review before uploading to iTunes and also allow our clients to review and approve their content in advance, saving valuable time. Prior to the development of these tools, we would have to wait until the content is live to perform any QC.”

Developed internally by Giant’s expanded engineering team, the tools underscore Giant Interactive’s continuing commitment to improving their expertise and experience within the Apple ecosphere and their confidence that Extras will become a mainstay of the iTunes experience. “The tools were designed to be scalable to incorporate any new features or changes in the rapidly evolving iTunes Extras specification”, noted Jeff Stabenau, President of Giant Interactive. “We plan to apply this kind of efficiency innovation to Giant’s other services, developing new software tools and processes to keep pace with changing client and industry requirements.”

In addition to being a certified iTunes Extras® 2.0 developer, Giant Interactive was also named an official aggregator for iTunes, working with filmmakers and distributors to list their content on the world’s leading VOD platform. Giant Interactive has been a certified technical services provider to Apple and iTunes® since 2009 and delivers dozens of movies and scores of television programs to iTunes every week.



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