Renderyard — A Tabby Award Finalist!

Wow! A Finalist in the Video category for the 2013 Tabby Awards! Congratulations, as well, to our fellow nominees at Hulu Plus and the History Channel (Bottle Rocket) for their nominations in this category. We’re honored to be in such august company. RenderyardLogoIndeed, the entire Giant team is pleased that our work on the Renderyard Film Network iPad app has received such recognition. We’re especially excited for our partner/client, Mark Reid, CEO of Renderyard. I shared the news with Mark in his headquarters in Spain last week and received a warm note back from him:

That’s such amazing news…a huge congratulations to you and the entire Giant app development team. You have made a fantastic and wonderfully interactive app. I’m very proud that Renderyard and your company have been able to create such a great and entertaining experience for the RFN viewers.

While the Giant app team most certainly develops all kinds of apps, this category of app, one which delivers media within an optimized user interface and experience, this is a particular area of app development where we believe that our years of experience processing and optimizing content for distribution and designing user interface really shines. Other examples of Giant work in this category include Gaiam Poses (for the iphone) an app created for one of the leading health/wellness companies in the United States, to showcase the expertise of their in-house experts, Rodney Yee and Coleen Saidman and introduce yoga practitioners to their online yoga video library GaiamTV. Another similar project, the Indiekid Portable Film Festival , (iphone & iPad) brought a selection of the best in children’s short form filmmaking out of the theaters and limited duration festivals and into the hands of curious youngsters everywhere. In doing so, we helped solve the problem for filmmakers who faced the prospect that their short form content would disappear after a festival run. Now it’s available to children of all ages, whenever they’re interested.

Video Is The Fastest Growing Mobile Application: 2/3rds of All Mobile Data In 2015
Mobile video consumption is an area in which industry experts expect to see tremendous growth in the next two to three years. According to a recent study, …smartphones and tablets are eating up a larger share of online video viewing, per the latest report from Ooyala. During Q1, these devices acccounted for more than 10% of online video consumption… puts some real numbers and some interesting analysis into the trend and shows what a huge part that video is expected to play in mobile, nearly tripling in the next two years alone. Estimates put the monthly consumption at 50.3 minutes per device per month. Impressive. We see a lot of potential in mobile video and it’s no secret…well, no secret NOW…that we’ve have been actively developing an expertise in this area and are actively looking for clients who want to expand their capabilities in this area. We’ve got our eyes on the prize, which will be announced later this summer and then presented at the Tablet Ecosystem conference, in New York City on November 13. Shout out to TabTimes for sponsoring the Tabby Awards.  

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