Three Trends Which Will Remake Entertainment

I had a history professor back in my collegiate days who encouraged the class, every time his lecture included the word “change”, to respond with an immediate question”: “Pace and degree?” The idea was that change, throughout history, is a constant, but the pace of that change, and the degree of that change, can make the difference between a revolution which shakes the foundations of society (i.e.: Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s) and a passing fad (i.e.: Who Wants To Be a Millionaire). Today the home entertainment ecosphere is undergoing a seismic change, massive in both pace and degree, with the promise of emerging to look nearly nothing like it did in the previous decade. What’s behind this revolution? I’m glad you asked. Here are three trends which are powering the metamorphosis, all of which are worth watching as you track the pace and degree of future change. Each will affect both you individually, as a consumer, AND collectively, in your business/professional life.

My own forecast? We’ll see more change (pace and degree!) in the next 10 years in the entertainment space, both in the home and elsewhere, then we’ve had in the past 50. Exciting times!   (A previous version of this post appeared in October, 2014)

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