Have Tablets Become the First Screen?

It’s an interesting conceit: Have tablets taken over the living room and become the first screen while traditional large screens have become ‘companion devices’? It’s not such a strange idea. With my small focus group here at home, I’ve noticed that the living room TV is getting much less of a workout that it did […]

Streaming Video Devices Will Soon Outnumber Humans…and Therein Lies Opportunity

If anyone needs any further evidence that the world of entertainment has completely changed in the past ten years…nay, the last five…need only consider the following forecast: In 2017 the number of Internet-connected video devices will pass 8 billion, exceeding the global population, according to new data from research firm IHS. Counting tablets, mobile phones, […]

Companion App, Second Screen App: What’s the Difference?

Companion app? Second screen app?Are they different? Are they the same? These two terms are seemingly used interchangeably. Tech blogs certainly treat them as equivalent and even industry veterans seem to regard them as synonymous. Yet I submit that there is a difference in meaning and while all companion apps are second screen apps, not […]

How Much Are Viewers Engaging the 2nd Screen?

How much are viewers engaging in the 2nd screen? And when they do, are they engaging in activity which is related to the first screen or is it tangential or entirely unrelated to it? It’s a pretty serious question to which networks and advertisers would love to know the answer. Steve Smith, editor/writer of MoBlog, […]

The iPad Mini as the Ideal Second Screen — What That Means For YOUR App

  A couple months post-announcement of the iPad Mini and the sales data is coming out. The reports claim pretty healthy sales for Apple’s small tablet, 3 million units or more, depending on where you get your numbers. While there are a few technology analysts still decrying Apple’s pricing decision, suggesting that more units would […]

App Development Inspirations

One of the best pieces of advice I got from my father-in-law, a digital switch engineer with the NorTel phone company, back in the day, was to read widely within your field, stay current with the latest developments and know what your competitors are doing. Thus, a significant part of my inbound daily email traffic […]

The Newest iOS Development Reel Debuts

I’ve been hoping to share this for a few days now, and finally got the ‘okey-dokey’ to share, post and link. Combining the talents of our design team and our app development crew, this reel showcases just some of the projects we’ve been working on in the iOS space. Enjoy! iOS reel from Giant Interactive […]

Tablets To Become a Fixture of the Living Room of the Future? You Betcha!

While it’s not intuitive to think of a mobile device like a tablet as a ‘fixture’ anywhere, since that goes against the very idea of ‘mobile’ computing, there are plenty of technology and lifestyle analysts who think that the tablet will be one of the key devices which shape the future of home entertainment, including […]

Mickey Mouse Knows App Development (Really?)

Early in my career, I had the good fortune to land a job at Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI), a position which provided a peek behind the curtain of the ‘magic’ that powered the Disney theme parks. This was back the early ’90s, the beginning of the Disney Decade when Disney under Eisner executed a series […]

DVD & Blu-ray Bonus — Going, going…gone?

The occasion of our latest Director’s Commentary recording session prompts a question: Are ‘bonus’ features required or optional for a killer DVD or Blu-ray Disc release? Will they eventually disappear from discs entirely? For me, the answer is simple. ‘Bonus’ is what makes a disc release special. I’m always a little frustrated, as are others, […]