Time-Warner and CBS Lead the Charge…in the Wrong Direction

It seems counterintuitive that Time-Warner cable and CBS haven’t made peace and returned the cable universe and America’s primetime viewing back to normal. It’s the last thing you’d think that a cable company would want to do: Give viewers the glimmer of what entertainment delights are available elsewhere. Worried talk of ‘cord cutters’, those viewers […]

A Peek Behind the Scenes of Season 4, Hawaii Five-0

Well, if SOMEBODY has to create awesome behind the scenes ‘bonus’ for Hawaii Five-0, we’re pleased to take gig. And if this tease from the location is in any indication, Season 4 is going to be INTERESTING! Thanks to the “Lost Boys” for hanging out with the Giant crew.

Giant Interactive Goes to the Pro Bowl with Hawaii Five-O

Giant Interactive’ Creative Content Group recently got a little time on the field at the recent Pro Bowl as part of a Hawaii Five-O shoot. (Look for an upcoming cameo appearance by Arian Foster.) Producer/Director David Naylor gets a little quality time with Drew Brees. Masi Oka, who plays Dr. Max Bergman, was on hand […]

We Meet Some Great People in the Search for Extraordinary ‘Bonus’!

Was the United States Navy recruiting @GiantInfo or @DavidNaylor_1 yesterday? Maybe. (Go Navy!)

On the Job

Guess where Giant Interactive and @DavidNaylor_1 were yesterday.

Who Can Guess Where Giant’s Original Programming Crew Is Today?

On location in New Mexico with the cast and crew of “Vegas”, part 2

While Director/Producer David Naylor heads up our Creative Content Group, he’s supported by a number of talented people who all contribute to the final ‘value-added material’ which you and I enjoy not only in bonus features, but also in promotional videos and Electronic Press Kits. On the Vegas shoot, Giant’s Art Director Kevin Powell stepped […]

On location in New Mexico with the cast and crew of “Vegas”, Part 1

It’s not all paradise and beaches for Giant Interactive’s Creative Content Group. With Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 bonus wrapped and now making its way through post production, Director/Producer David Naylor traveled to the deserts of New Mexico to be on hand during production of one of CBS’s newest pilots, Vegas, which is headed to their […]

Part 2: The Art, Craft and Business of Compelling DVD ‘Bonus’ with David Naylor

In part II of our interview with director/producer David Naylor, we continue to discuss his experience and unique perspective when it comes to producing ‘value-added’ material, primarily for DVD and Blu-ray. Question: You have a reputation for earning the trust of filmmakers and producers, including such household names as J.J. Abrams, Glenn Caron (Medium), Chris […]

Part 1: A Conversation with David Naylor, Director/Producer, Giant’s Creative Content Group

We at Giant Interactive have known David for some time and so it’s no surprise that we’re familiar with his many talents. Director, producer, father, gentleman – David is the recipient of twenty-three Telly Awards and a Science Fiction Academy Award for his work creating ‘value-added material’ (VAM), aka ‘DVD bonus’, for titles ranging from […]