Tablets Go To The Head of the Class, Part II

On the eve of Apple’s big event tomorrow, the technology media is all a twitter with what new marvel may or may not be announced tomorrow. But despite the excitement and curiosity which surrounds the event for Apple fans and competitors, a number of media outlets are looking beyond the fanfare and delving into the […]

Tablets Go To The Head of the Class?

As pleased as I am to upgrade my own tablet later this month, I’m just as excited about the potential for this device, and others like it from Apple’s growing cadre of competitors, to significantly and positively impact the classroom. I’m frequently asked my opinion on this subject, particularly when I talk with representatives of […]

Giant Interactive Expands into the Public Sector

It’s said that public agencies, the government and non-profits are an entirely untapped market which many businesses overlook in their normal course of business. Having worked for a couple companies in my career which actively eschewed the public sector in business development because it was ‘too hard’, I’m pleased to note that this is an […]