It LIVES! 7 Reasons Physical Media Beats VOD

While the transformation of the home entertainment industry from packaged media (Blu-ray & DVD) to a more complex mix of SVOD, DTO and disc, research shows that consumers are still acquiring physical media. As reported by Home Media Magazine, “Despite the growth in connected hardware and increase in electronic sellthrough, transactional VOD and streaming options, more […]

Increasingly, the Name of the Game is VOD

Despite some promising disc sales numbers as we near the end of 2013, the VOD segment shows not sign of halting its growth or lessening its assumption of an increasing share of the home entertainment ecosystem. For studios and major distributors, this has a direct effect on the bottom line, with fewer discs being sold […]

Is DVD Going Extinct?

There’s been a great deal of talk lately about the coming supremacy of streaming over the disc. One of the most authoritative, seen on, radiated excitement in “Report: More Movies Will be Streamed Than Watched on Disc in 2012”. In short, “…more viewers will stream movies than watch them on disc, an inflection point […]

Making Waves In the Home Entertainment Business

With the all the news about expanding VOD solutions and new VOD platforms debuting, seemingly every day, it would be easy to think that discs’ sales revenue had dropped off a cliff. And yet, this isn’t the case. One need look no further than Home Media Magazine‘s retail sales chart for the latest reporting week […]

Blu-ray Continues to Perform

There continues to be talk in the home entertainment industry about how Blu-ray will fare in coming years in the face of increasing competition from VOD and SVOD. The perennial question: Won’t physical media formats eventually be replaced by the ubiquity of VOD and digital portals? Possibly, but that day won’t be here anytime soon. […]

Top Ten Reasons DVD Will Be With Us for a LLOOOONNNNGGG Time

From where we sit, with clients both big and small continuing to bring us DVD projects, DVD still has legs. We expect that DVD will be around for a third and even a fourth decade. Why? Top Ten Reasons DVD Remains Relevant (in no particular order) 1. Consumer Cost. Even with retail Blu-ray Discs prices […]

Even While VOD Expands, Discs Hang Tough

Home entertainment continues to undergo a tremendous realignment from physical media to digital, virtual forms. Yet for all the fanfare and attention which new streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and others have received, discs continue to service a key market segment. They’re not going the way of the buggy whip yet (if ever). “…DVDs […]

Blog Reprint: Top 10 Reasons DVD Has Legs

Anyone who has been following the evolution of the home entertainment market is aware that Blu-ray and digital are both trending up, while DVD is heading down. The latest data from the Digital Entertainment Group, the home entertainment industry’s leading advocacy group, delivers the details. Consumer spending in the home entertainment sector rose 1.43% with […]

Home Entertainment Media: Where Do We Go From Here?

Welcome back! Glad to have you visiting again. We went silent there for a couple months while Giant Interactive went through a growth spurt, but now we’re settling into a steady rhythm and ready to pick up where we left off. But where, indeed, did we leave off? These are proving to be interesting times. […]

How Precarious Is Netflix’s Lead in VOD?

Netflix has been the lightning rod of the VOD revolution for a long time, whether for good or ill. As a subscriber since 2000, I’ve followed the company’s evolution from DVD distributor to VOD leader and for this entire period, Netflix has had the privilege of being the name mentioned first and most often when […]