UHD Blu-ray Capabilities Require Workflow Adjustments

While much or recent press has focused on the rapid growth in OTT, streaming media and digital entertainment, industry watchers shouldn’t overlook that there are some exciting, new things cooking over in physical home entertainment. UHD Blu-ray, the new ultra high definition physical format experienced some strong sales and vibrant sales growth during the 2016 holiday shopping […]

DEG Numbers Report Good News for Home Entertainment

The Digital Entertainment Group’s very positive YOY Q2 numbers were reported in a number of publications, including Variety and Home Media Magazine. Consumers reversed the seemingly inexorable trend downward by showing a renewed interest in Blu-ray, DVD, EST and VOD, which is welcome news for everyone — studio executives, VOD platforms and digital studios (like […]

UHD Blu-ray Off To A Fast Start

There’s a fair amount of buzz in the home entertainment industry about the prospects for UHD Blu-ray. Many of Giant’s clients have begun enacting their own strategy in this area, but a question often asked, however, is how the new format will fare in the marketplace, particularly among consumers who may be experiencing format fatigue […]

What Do David Bowie and Movie/TV Distributors Have In Common?

“Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.” — David Bowie It’s a powerful statement…perhaps cliche, but truthful in its clear message. Those who can divine what is coming have a powerful advantage over those who are only reactionary. From Bowie’s point of view, the future was something that one could hear, if you […]

Will 2016 Be The Year of UHD Blu-ray?

It sure seems like it. 2015 ended with some serious momentum building behind this upgraded format. The latest home entertainment trend really began to pick up speed in Q4 2015 when Fox, Sony and Warner Brothers announced titles which would be available on UHD Blu-ray throughout 2016. While Fox is credited with being the first […]

Giant Interactive Prepares for UHD Blu-ray, tvOS in 2016

Taking a Giant Step Into UHD 4K Blu-ray Expected to Prompt A Physical Media Resurgence Yes! Giant Interactive is pleased to announce that our authoring capability now includes the emerging Ultra HD Blu-ray format. The new format has four times as many pixels as current Blu-ray, as well as high dynamic range (HDR), and object-based […]